Things we hate about the USPTO - Annoying press release practices

Posted by J Matthew Buchanan at March 15, 2006 09:55 AM

Quick – when does the new USPTO electronic filing system go live?  Is it this Friday, March 17th (as originally reported by the Office in the online training session for the new private PAIR), Thursday (as suggested by yesterday’s press release), or next Monday (the day of the online training for the new system)?

The Office has sent several mixed messages, and now I am left wondering when I can use the new system.  Guess what?  I have an application due on Friday.  Can I file it electronically?  Who knows….

Not a great way to introduce revolutionary technology to the bar…


This has caused me to reflect on several annoying practices of the Office when it comes to press releases…inconsistency being only one of them.

For example…today’s announcement regarding the Office’s call for suggestions on the forthcoming strategic plan for 2007–2012.  The announcement appears on the front page of the web site, but not on the main news page.  The front page always changes, and this content will eventually be replaced by different, newer content.  So, we can’t link directly to it.  Problem.


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J. Matthew Buchanan Says:

March 15, 2006 12:17 PM

An interesting footnote to this post -- I just logged into the USPTO portal. Just as Carl relayed in our podcast on the new e-filing system, it appears to be available right now. So take your pick, the system is launched today, tomorrow, Friday, or Monday.

And I kept the "hate" moniker in the title. This one really got to me.....

Josh Says:

March 15, 2006 12:22 PM

Go ahead and file away. The system is already "live" without any restrictions. Although there is a sternly worded warning that only Beta participants should file electronically, there are no restrictions on the system to prevent others from using it.

J. Matthew Buchanan Says:

March 15, 2006 12:32 PM

Thanks Josh. That's just as Carl had relayed in the podcast. I just wish the Office had come out with a singular, more definitive statement - "The System will go live on....XXX", as opposed to sending multiple messages that create confusion.

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