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Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at February 14, 2007 11:17 PM

One of my favorite motivational stories is the story of POW Charlie Plumb entitled "Packing Parachutes."

The three of us at RethinkIP likewise have people who pack our parachutes...people who work behind the scenes helping us do the things we do. One of those people is Western New England College School of Law 2L Kristen Cichocki. Kristen, also works as a part-time legal intern for O'Shea, Getz & Kosakowski, P.C. a patent firm in Springfield, MA. Her current project is researching and writing a law review article (or what I hope will be a law review article) on licensing frameworks for digitizing public libraries. She can be reached at kristen.cichocki [at] if any of you have insight for her...

Kristen has been helping us keep RSS Mojo updated by making blog posts every now and then.

What is RSS Mojo? It is a service where we monitor the USPTO home page and News and Notices page for new news items and then we create posts on the RSS Mojo blog pointing to the new items. The blog is linked to both email delivery (sign up box below) and RSS options, allowing practitioners to easily follow what's new at the USPTO.

Someday the USPTO will release RSS feeds...until then, let us (Kristin) do the work for you.

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