Rethink(IP) Aloud Podcast #5 - Next Generation Electronic Filing of Patent Applications – a conversation with Carl Oppedahl

Posted by J Matthew Buchanan at March 7, 2006 11:43 AM

We're pleased to announce the availability of our latest Rethink(IP) Aloud Podcast  - Next Generation Electronic Filing of Patent Applications – a conversation with Carl Oppedahl.

You can listen to the podcast by streaming and/or downloading it here.IStock_000000359708Small The RSS feed for the Rethink(IP) Aloud Podcast series is available here.

In this podcast, we talk with Carl Oppedahl of Oppedahl & Olson LLP about the forthcoming EFS-Web system for electronically filing patent applications in the United States.

EFS-Web promises to be a simple, flexible, and easy-to-implement e-filing system that, we think, represents a practice-changing technology.  It's out with the old system that Carl calls "an abomination" and in with a new, easy-to-use e-filing solution that he expects to lead to higher e-filing rates for patent applications.

Carl is a recognized leader in Patent and Trademark Office Technology.  He has maintained the very informative electronic filing listserv for several years and recently served as a key participant in the beta testing of EFS-Web.  Carl has kicked the tires on the new system and, to date, has the most experience of anyone in putting the new system to work in private practice.

We hope you listen to this very informative conversation.

The shownotes are below:


The New System - EFS-Web



Register in advance of March 17, 2006:
(for those who don’t have a customer number and/or a digital certificate)

Carl’s EFS-Web resources:

Patently-O blog post on the beta testing of EFS-Web:


The Old System - Good Riddance!

Promote the Progress blog on the old system – Why I stopped using the old system:


The Tips - Get ready for St. Patrick's Day

Carl’s very helpful site:

USPTO EFS-Web Tools Page:

USPTO tutorial on PDF creadtion for EFS-Web:

USPTO Job Options for PDF:



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