We've got the King

Posted by J Matthew Buchanan at February 20, 2006 11:14 PM

RTIPrswKing copyDennis Kennedy is the undisputed King of Legal Technology.  He’s a big thinker, a visionary and an overall good guy (he even agreed to don the BK costume at the recent BlawgThink 2005 event in Chicago to pose for this great picture).

Over the last year or so, the three of us have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dennis on various projects.  We’ve had a lot of fun (just look at the picture!) and always look forward to our next project with the King.

Soon we’ll be having a roundtable discussion with Dennis about legal blogging.  We’re planning on talking about such hot topics as blog experimentation, things we’ve learned, and things we’d do differently if we were starting today.  We’re going to record the discussion and post it as a podcast on the rethink(ip) blog…so stay tuned.

For a primer on some of the issues we’ll tackle, visit Steve’s excellent post on things he’d do differently, and Dennis’ excellent follow-up post.

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