rethink(ip) aloud podcast #3...interview with PHOSITA blog's Doug Sorocoo

Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at April 11, 2005 02:31 PM

Our "rethink(ip) aloud" podcast (#3) is up.

In this episode I interviewed Doug Sorocco of the PHOSITA blog about his blog, the lessons he learned, his advice for new bloggers, and his (and all of our) favorite non-IP blogs. In the process he talks about losing his "Google Juice", not the April Fools Google prank...but some 'other' mystery juice.

Here are the show notes:

Doug’s PHOSITA Blog
Dennis Kennedy’s Technology Trends for 2004
Embedded Patent Attorney
Doug mentions “Scoble-land” (referring to Robert Scoble and the “gazillion” blogs he reads every night)
PHOSITA on “who is smarter: lawyers or software engineers
The Invent Blog post of “My Partial Switch to the Mac

Non-IP Blogs we like:

Slacker Manager blog
Slacker @ Work Manifesto
Eric Mack Online blog
David Allen’s blog
Matt Homann’s The NonBillable Hour blog
Church of the Customer blog and podcast
Seth Godin’s blog and Seth Godin’s – “All Marketers Are Liars” blog
Seth Godin on “Yak Shaving
Seth Godin on “Care
Mark Cuban’s “Blog Maverick blog
Kirsten Osolind’s re:invention blog

Total run time: 18:40
Size: 10.7MB
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