Where's Waldo?

Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at August 30, 2006 11:39 AM

Like my previous post mentioned, posting has been light here on the Rethink(IP) blog due to the fact that we've been working on a number of side projects: like Lawsuit Mojo, Blawgr and The Other One (as well as two others that should be released within the next month that are below the radar).

Lawsuit Mojo update: thanks to paid subscribers we have just finished having the service totallly recoded in MySQL/PHP. We'll be releasing "version 2.0" in the coming weeks, including the ability to search the database.

Blawgr update: Coding on that beast is wrapping up too. We'll be getting beta test invites out to the original Blawgr users and others in the next (we hope) week or two. Think of the new Blawgr as a cross between Digg, MetaFilter, TypePad and MySpace...for lawyers. It is going to be cool...real cool.

The Other One update: You'll have to read Matt Buchanan's post for the teaser.


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