Blawg Review #58 - Shaken, not stirred

Posted by J Matthew Buchanan at May 23, 2006 09:01 AM

Leave it to Kevin Heller to figure out the whole Blawg Review shake-up thing.  On the tenth anniversary of our attempt at reinvigorating the venerable carnival, which received less than uniform praise and certainly could be fairly characterized as "stirring the pot," the Tech Law Advisor published Blawg Review #58 with just enough shaking to get it right.

Kevin sliced and diced the usual format for the review, presenting it in a crisp, organized, and very nicely designed package.  His shaking largely accomplishes what we had hoped for -- people are actually reading the review instead of just scanning it to find the link to their site.

I've talked to a few law bloggers about this...and they confirm it.  Blawg Review #58 is being read, not scanned.  Turns out we like our revolutions shaken, not stirred.  Who knew.

Nicely done Kevin.


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Note: apparently FeedBurner can "see" draft posts. Oops. So much for deciding whether or not to release this rant... I really do like what Kevin Heller did via the latest Blawg Review.  I commented on it, and so did Matt...

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Kevin Heller Says:

May 23, 2006 09:27 AM

Thanks for this -- I'm excited to hear that it is actually being read (which is what I was going for with the presentation).

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