Memorial Day Edition of Blawg Review Available

Posted by Douglas Sorocco at May 29, 2006 11:27 AM

RollingThunder.400pxLately, we’ve been a bit critical about the blog carnivals. 

In fact, one of us referred to blog carnivals as nothing more than “link whoring” – admittedly, a bit over the top.

Our intention was never to kill off the carnival format: rather, we wanted to get people rethinking the underlying premise of a carnival and advocate that the focus should be on the quality of the links featured  versus the quantity of links presented. 

Well — the past two weeks of Blawg Review force me to issue a mea culpa:

  • Kevin Heller’s Blawg Review #58 rethought the way in which BR is graphically presented.  I am hoping that Kevin will share the code/template he used – I am hopeful that future hosts will want to further refine and revise the template and continue to provide the week’s best law blogging in an attractive and easy to read format.

  • Anonymous Editor’s Blawg Review #59 literally made me weep this morning – the sense of pride for what our nation’s military men and women have done in service to our country and the ideals of freedom, coupled with a profound sadness for the loss their families have endured, pointedly reminded me of the reason why all Americans should offer thanks and gratitude ever day of the year, not just Memorial Day. 

    Ed underscores this point with his/her introductory comments — Editor's view: Memorial Day is a holiday we haven't ruined

Memorial Day is one of the best holidays we have because it's one of the few we haven't ruined by shifting the focus to consumption and entertainment.

Memorial Day, thankfully, isn't about us -- it's about them.

Them includes two groups: first, those who died serving our country; and second, children, whom we have an obligation to teach about the sacrifice of those who came before.

Thank you.

Photo Credit: Susan Scott Teachey, ON-Q Design, Inc., from the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in support of MIA and POW.

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