thank you for such a great opening weekend

Posted by Douglas Sorocco at April 12, 2005 08:22 AM

It has been a crazy couple of days since the launch of Rethink(ip). A blog, more than a dozen posts and a podcast have contributed to our sleep deprived euphoria.

So, what do we think so far … it has been a blast!

Thank you to everyone who has linked to Rethink(ip), made comments about our site, and especially to those folks who have been so instrumental in us taking this next step.

What is the blogosphere saying, well you could look over at Technorati to see who is linking to us. Alternatively, read on further…

  • Patent Baristas  “These guys are like the Army. They do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.”
  • b.cognosco  “A promising new intellectual property blog (which will, no doubt, have a wonderful Terms Of Service) – rethink(ip).”
  • Ernie the Attorney “I think that many of the lawyer bloggers who refer to each other in posts are essentially acting like an ‘Internet Bar Association.’ The so-called patent posse’ (Nipper, Sorroco and Buchanan) are essentially forming one of the first sub-committees of the IBA. Smart move, and I’m sure they’ll benefit professionally from having done so. Even if they don’t, they’d probably still think it was worth it for the friendship that it will foster.”
  • Dennis Kennedy  “The people behind rethink(ip) have impressed the heck out of me and it’s well worth your while to pay attention to whatever they are doing.”
  • Matt Homann’s The [non]Billable Hour  “I’ve know the guys virtually for quite some time, and was totally amazed to see them hanging out as if they’d known one another forever. In fact, their first face-to-face meeting was at Techshow.”
  • Tom Mighell’s inter alia  ”...are pooling their considerable IP talents and writing about it at rethink(ip). They’ll be discussing ways to “fix” what’s wrong with intellectual property law—I’m looking forward to it!”

Thanks so much for the INCREDIBLE “send off” – we consider y’all friends and look forward to you keeping us honest.

As always – praise, scorn and comments are welcome at

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