staring into the gates of hell

Posted by Douglas Sorocco at May 28, 2005 02:07 PM

Some ramblings that have been going through my head the last couple of days…

Sparked via Barry Moltz's blog:

Mary Schmich wrote an article yesterday in the Chicago Tribune.

"Have you ever gazed into hell? I did right then. Let me tell you what it looks like.

"Hell is a place crowded with people thumbing their BlackBerries, chattering on their cell phones, shaking their earphones to an iPod beat and surfing the Internet on their Wi-Fi'd laptops."

"Hell is a round-the-clock orgy of people relating intimately with their high-tech gadgets while ignoring everyone around them. It's a place whose motto is not "Be here now," but "Be somewhere else all the time."

While out east this week I saw three people thumbing their BlackBerries while driving their cars on a beautiful late spring day – everything was green, the sun was shining and creatures abounded along the sides of the road. 

A thought that ran through my mind… if “these type of people”, including myself, were still in elementary school – I wonder how many of us would be on Ritalin?

How many of us are so overloaded with the next piece of information that we cannot act on the last piece that came in?

How many of us are looking for the next client, the next project, the next XXX?

Maybe we all just need a little Ritalin?  I would prefer enjoying a nice piece of contraband and a book (albeit a work-related book)`while on the porch, but then again… I might miss some information that is flowing electronically into my new gadget toy… er, tool.

Has anyone out there ever told a client that “they were not available 24 hours a day”? What was the result?

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