Rocking the SUV

Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at September 1, 2005 05:51 AM

I should have known something was up Tuesday night. As I drove by the local Texaco station I saw an SUV owner pumping gas. An SUV owner pumping gas isn't a new thing to me...what caught my eye was how he had his foot on the running board and was rocking his SUV side to side, apparently working every last air bubble out of his gas tank so he could get four or five extra ounces of gas into the tank.

I'm sure he must be a partner at a law firm we litigated against one time. The case was all but over (his client got whipped pretty good on a case that should have never been filed), yet he kept filing new pleadings, making pointless phone calls, sending more discovery requests, etc. All that to get every last ounce into his tank.

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