Rethink(THIS!) -- How Many Hours Are You Being Billed to Meet "Quota"

Posted by Douglas Sorocco at May 11, 2005 05:28 PM

If you are a general counsel or other purveyor of legal services and you want to know why you get billed 2 hours for something that should take 15 minutes, have a look at this calculator

Ask your firm what the billable hour requirement is for their associates, add 200 hours to that number (what associates really need to get their bonuses), assume they get to work at 8am, with an hour lunch, three weeks vacation and no holidays.  Then assume they can’t bill 1–2 hours per day.  Hit calculate.

Scary isn’t it.

My questions:  Why would (1) anyone want to work in such a situation and (2) why would anyone want to hire a firm or lawyer who works in such a manner?

via The [non]Billable Hour

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