Email Subscription Available for USPTO Notices

Posted by Douglas Sorocco at August 26, 2005 11:27 PM

Thank you.  Thank you for the response to our providing the United States Patent and Trademark information, news and notices via email.  It has been great!

One of the major "complaints" that we have received is that we were only providing the information via RSS. RSS is really the information delivery option of the future and we will be pointing the way to some tutorials in the future, but in the interim - give the people want they want. 

So - below is an email signup application.  Simply put in your email address and you will receive all USPTO updates via email.

We value your privacy, just like we value our own.  We will never sell the names of the folks that sign up - so have no fear.  We will not add to your spam burden.

So, sign up and enjoy.  And please keep the feedback coming - it really helps us to know what you need and want.

Enter your Email Address to Receive USPTO News and Notices

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