And then there were two...

Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at November 13, 2005 12:58 PM

Ciabatta8bDo you know how many times this last week I had to answer the question "so when are YOU joining?" Oftentimes it was the first thing out of their mouths...ever before saying "hi." I was probably asked that question a dozen times at BlawgThink this week. Every time I had the same answer.

Sure, some of you know what I am talking about already, but for those that don't, last week fellow rethinker Matt Buchanan announced that he was leaving his small Toledo law firm to join rethinker Doug Sorocco's Oklahoma City firm (Dunlap Codding & Rogers). Matt isn't moving from Toledo (the question everyone was asking him), but will set up an office there in Toledo.

So....And then there were two "rethinker" firms (Dunlap Codding & Rogers and Dykas, Shaver & Nipper (my firm)).

It is an amazing opportunity for both of them (DCR and Matt), and the collaboration and association will benefit all of their clients. I know Matt. I know Doug. They have very similar experiences, backgrounds and practice areas. The two of them working together, with DCR's resources and assets, to serve their existing clients and the clients they acquire in the future is a truly amazing thing. And I have a front row seat!

So what does it mean for Rethink(IP)?

Nothing really.

Our mission remains the same, as will our content. Don't expect anything trendy (you're not going to see "RETHINK(IP), NOW ON CIABATTA BREAD") anytime soon, but I can tell you that we have some big plans...big I tell you!

So. Back to the original question. When am I joining DCR? I'm not. I have the absolutely best situation I could ever imagine right now. I'm in a growing little firm, working with great people and with great clients. Life is good. Will it keep people from asking? No.

Congrats Matt. Congrats DCR. What an amazing story that has only just begun.

And then there were two.....

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