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Posted by Douglas Sorocco at May 6, 2006 02:11 PM

Gary Odom over at the Patent Prospector must have missed his fibre this morning:

Large high-tech corporate patent infringers turn into crybabies, often pouting before Congress, paintingToads themselves as victims of the patent system, because individual inventors and small patent-owning companies try to make them take licenses for infringing their patents. The crybabies don't bother to mention their regular cross-license patent deals, or knock-down-drag-out fights between corporate competitors, as something to be concerned about. And because of the noise the corporations make, the mainstream press, which are corporate toads, and always hungry for drama, pile in, making the same noises, wailing for patent reform. Congress, itself a humongous corporate toad, listens sympathetically, and makes its own noises, but thankfully does nothing.

You just have to love a good “patent troll” rant on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  Gary has a way with words and probably does the best job I have yet seen at framing the issues in an appropriate manner.

If you are interested in learning more about patent trolls and the congressional response, head on over to Promote the Progress.  Matt would be too humble to mention it himself, so I will whore it out for him.

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odomlover Says:

May 8, 2006 11:03 AM

Gary Odom "frames the issues in an appropriate manner?" Are you nuts? The guy needs to take his meds. Patent Prospector is about the most biased of the patent sites out there, always pushing for more beauracratically granted patent monopolies and always pushing for giving patent trolls more power.

At first, it might seem like he's pad by the trolls, who wield ever-increasing power. But no, he's got a more direct stake in the affair. He's a patent prior art researcher, so the more tangled the patent thicket becomes, the better -- more business for him.

I suppose that is the type of activity you want to hold up as a model for your lawering industry. The rest of us (the honest folk), just want the corruption and abuse to go away.

Gary Odom Says:

May 16, 2006 02:39 AM

As a prior art searcher, my bread-and-butter work is invalidating patents for those accused of infringement. I'd be very happy if the patent office did a much better job vetting patents, if junk patents disappeared and were never granted, if litigation was much more streamlined in this country. Those who think my interests are otherwise haven't bothered to read my weblog or don't understand my stated positions.

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