USPTO Announces Seminars for Texas and Florida Businesses on Protecting Their Intellectual Property from Theft

Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at August 30, 2005 10:19 AM

USPTO Announces Seminars for Texas and Florida Businesses on Protecting Their Intellectual Property from Theft
Part of federal government’s Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP) efforts to combat intellectual property theft in China and other high-risk nations

The USPTO will open a two-day conference for small businesses on “Intellectual Property in the Global Marketplace” on Monday, September 12, 2005, at the Hyatt Regency, 208 Barton Springs Road in Austin, TX and on Monday, September 26 at the Marriott Miami, 1201 NW LeJeune Road in Miami, FL. These two events, sponsored by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), are part of STOP (Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy) a major federal government effort to protect American businesses from falling victim to intellectual property theft — both domestically and abroad.

In today's global marketplace, American products and branding can be stolen by an individual or a business halfway around the world without the rightful owner even being aware of it. Small businesses are particularly at risk because they may lack the knowledge and expertise to effectively combat such theft. In recognition of this need, USPTO is hosting a series of seminars across the country to help educate American small businesses about the realities of piracy and counterfeiting and steps they can take to protect themselves.

During the two-day seminars, patent, trademark and copyright experts and lawyers from the USPTO will provide small- and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and independent inventors interested in manufacturing or selling their products abroad with specific details and useful tips about protecting and enforcing their intellectual property rights in the United States and around the world. Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Steve Pinkos will kick off the seminar in Austin.

There is no charge for the conference, but seating is limited. For more information and to register for either the Austin or Miami conference, select one of the follwing links:
Austin, TX – September 12-13
Miami, FL – September 26-27


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