USPTO Launches National Campaign to Inspire Young Inventors (10APR2007)

Posted by Kristen Cichocki at April 11, 2007 06:09 PM

USPTO Launches National Campaign to Inspire Young Inventors (10APR2007)

The United States Patent and Trademark Office, together with the Advertising Council and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation (NIHFF), today launched a national, multimedia public service advertising (PSA) campaign to engage a new generation of children in innovation. The campaign seeks to make inventing and developing new ideas part of American children's lives. The PSAs, which can be viewed online, are being distributed to 28,000 media stations nationwide this week. All of the new PSAs will air and run in advertising time and space donated by the media. The spots direct viewers to a website that has been created for the campaign,

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez unveiled the Inspiring Invention campaign at the National Press Club. "In an innovation-driven economy, the key to our future success and competitiveness lies in making sure we are sharing America's culture of innovation with our young people," said Gutierrez. "In doing so, we will prepare them to compete more effectively in the global marketplace and ensure that the United States maintains our global economic leadership."

USPTO's Under Secretary Jon Dudas was also on hand to unveil the campaign. "We see the Inspiring Invention campaign as a wonderful opportunity to show kids how fun and rewarding it can be to create. We hope that children who watch these ads will want to become more inventive; explore math, science, and other creative fields; and then share their new ideas -- to continue America's legacy of innovation."

For generations, the United States has been a recognized global leader in technology and innovation. While the country represents only 5 percent of the world's population, it accounts for nearly one-third of the world's science and engineering researchers and 40 percent of all research and development, according to the Council on Competitiveness However, with increased economic competition globally, it's widely recognized that the United States must take steps now to maintain its leadership. In particular, America must ensure we inspire future generations of innovators.

The new campaign, created in conjunction with ad agency Publicis & Hal Riney in San Francisco, aims to inspire children (specifically the "tweens," ages 8 to 11) to recognize how their imaginations can lead to the technological advances of the future. The campaign communicates that there is a role for every kind of unique curiosity and imaginative idea as it relates to invention. Ultimately, the goal is to motivate children to pursue inventing and innovating as part of their educations and, later, in their careers.

Developed with extensive research with inventors and children, the campaign includes new television, radio, outdoor and Web advertising that feature ordinary children creating inventions to solve everyday problems. The PSAs communicate to children that "anything is possible" and encourage them to "keep thinking." The ads direct audiences to visit a new comprehensive website,, to explore and discover their own innate inventiveness and curiosity. Designed by VPI (Visual Perspectives Internet), the site features interactive games and allows children to explore their inventive interests in space, sports, design and entertainment.

"Research conducted for our new campaign found that children are naturally curious and inventive, but they do not realize the impact of their creativity," according to Peggy Conlon, President & CEO of the Ad Council. "We are proud to join with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and The National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation on this wonderful effort to help children see that there are no limits to their creativity and imagination and that they can have a role in the technological advances of our future if they just 'keep thinking."

The "Inspiring Invention" campaign is one of several educational initiatives in which The National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation and the United States Patent and Trademark Office partner to encourage children to think inventively. Among these initiatives are the National Inventors Hall of Fame's Camp Invention and Club Invention programs, which are supported by the USPTO. Camp Invention, now in its 17th year, is a summer day camp that fosters creativity and inventive thinking skills that allow children to learn through hands-on activities, subject immersion, and discovery. In 2007, more than 60,000 students will attend Camp Invention in 47 states. Club Invention is an after-school program directed by the Hall of Fame that extends scientific inquiry-based education to after-school sites

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee and inventor of the modern microphone Dr. James West said, "This campaign relates directly to our mission of inspiring invention and creativity. It's a prime opportunity for us to capture the attention of children and share with them the wonders of science and technology, inspiring them enough to become involved in life-long endeavors in these fields. Our future, and theirs, will be much richer because of it."

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