Patent Lawsuit Filing Update (2006.02.20)

Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at February 20, 2006 04:26 PM

Patent lawsuits filed since Feburary 1, 2006 (updated).

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Allergan Inc v. Alcon Laboratories Inc cacdce 8:2006cv00116 2/3/2006

Alt v. Medtronic Inc txedce 6:2006cv00067 2/15/2006

Applied Interact, LLC v. Primedia Inc. nyedce 1:2006cv00656 2/14/2006

Astrazeneca AB, et al v. Impax Laboratories dedce 1:2000cv00479 2/9/2006

BACHMANN INDUSTRIES, INC. v. ATI MODEL PRODUCTS, INC. paedce 2:2006cv00571 2/7/2006

Baden Sports Inc v. Molten USA Inc wawdce 2:2006cv00210 2/13/2006

Blessing Associates, Incorporated et al v. Toledo Tool and Die, Incorporated et al miedce 2:2006cv10618 2/10/2006

Bookham, Inc. v. Unaxis Balzers AG et al candce 4:2006cv00885 2/9/2006

Braun Corporation The v. Vantage Mobility International LLC inndce 2:2006cv00050 2/10/2006

Built NY, Inc. v. Franmara, Inc. et al nysdce 1:2006cv00968 2/7/2006

BULLET LINE, INC. vs. DJB IMPORTS flsdc 1:2006cv20310 2/3/2006

Callaway Golf Company v. Acushnet Company dedce 1:2006cv00091 2/9/2006

Calnetix Inc et al v. Arete Power Inc et al cacdce 2:2006cv00735 2/8/2006

Calzados Anatomicos Calana, S.L. v. Helle Comfort, Inc. nvdce 2:2006cv00169 2/9/2006

Cannon Rubber Ltd, et al v. 1st Years Inc ilndce 1:2003cv04918 2/13/2006

Caponey v. ADA Enterprises Inc scdce 8:2006cv00435 2/13/2006

Caught Fish Enterprises, LLC et al v. Action Manufacturing, LLC et al codce 1:2006cv00194 2/3/2006

CHAMELEON, INC. et al v. BROWN SHOE COMPANY, INC. njdce 3:2006cv00553 2/7/2006

CHAMELEON, INC. et al v. NEXTTEC INTERNATIONAL, INC. njdce 3:2006cv00552 2/7/2006

Color Match Pool Fittings Inc v. Aquastar Pool Products Inc et al cacdce 2:2006cv00781 2/10/2006

Comfortex Corporation v. Springs Window Fashions Division, Inc. nyndce 1:2006cv00160 2/14/2006

CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES, LLC vs. PLA-COR wiwdc 3:2006cv00092 2/16/2006

Dale Chavez Co Inc v. Schneiders Saddlery Co Inc cacdce 5:2006cv00161 2/9/2006

Diversi-Plast Products, Inc. v. Henderson et al mndce 0:2006cv00524 2/8/2006

ELI LILLY AND COMPANY v. SICOR PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. et al insdce 1:2006cv00238 2/15/2006

ELI LILLY AND COMPANY v. SICOR PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. et al insdce 1:2006cv00238 2/15/2006

EON-NET, L.P. v. EDMUND OPTICS INC. njdce 1:2006cv00584 2/6/2006

Eon-Net, L.P. v. Sawhorse Enterprises, Inc. candce 3:2006cv00881 2/9/2006

Eran Industries v. GP Industries et al nedce 8:2006cv00051 2/8/2006

GP Industries v. Eran Industries et al nedce 8:2006cv00050 2/7/2006

GRASTY v. PTO paedce 2:2006cv00524 2/3/2006

Grayline Housewares Inc. et al v. Garden Ridge Corporation ilndce 1:2006cv00699 2/6/2006

HUNTER DOUGLAS NORTH AMERICA, INC., et al v. HT WINDOWS FASHIONS CORP.,et al njdce 2:2006cv00616 2/14/2006

Karsten Manufacturing Corporation v. Focus Golf Systems, Inc. azdce 2:2006at10146 2/16/2006

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V et al v. New Sensations Inc et al cacdce 2:2006cv00694 2/6/2006

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. et al v. Expedia Media, LLC et al nysdce 7:2006cv00934 2/7/2006

Leatherwood v. Burris Company Inc txndce 4:2006cv00092 2/1/2006

Leonard et al v. Home Depot nyedce 2:2006cv00591 2/9/2006

Litebook Company, The v. Apollo Health utdce 2:2006cv00117 2/8/2006

M&R MARKING SYSTEMS, INC. v. MILLENNIUM MARKING CO. njdce 2:2006cv00569 2/7/2006

Mag Instrument Inc v. Laser Devices Inc et al cacdce 5:2006cv00117 2/2/2006

Majestec 125, LLC v. Sealift, Inc. miwdce 1:2006cv00104 2/9/2006

Martek Biosciences v. Nutrinova Inc., et al dedce 1:2003cv00896 2/16/2006

Martin Industries, LLC et al v. Yetter Manufacturing Company iasdce 3:2006cv00017 2/15/2006

Millennium, L.P. v. Captaris, Inc. nysdce 1:2006cv00964 2/7/2006

Nellcor Puritan, et al v. Masimo Corporation cacdce 2:2003cv00603 2/10/2006

Netac Technology Company LTD v. PNY Technologies Inc txedce 5:2006cv00029 2/13/2006

Nike, Inc. nvdce 2:2006cv00164 2/9/2006

Nike, Inc. v. Bryon Jones, Inc. ordce 3:2006cv00204 2/13/2006

Nike, Inc. v. Mega Trends LLC ordce 3:2006cv00205 2/13/2006

Nike, Inc. v. Romeo & Juliette, Inc. nvdce 2:2006cv00172 2/10/2006

Ogio International, Inc. v. Nicklaus Golf utdce 2:2006cv00122 2/8/2006

P&G Solutions, Inc. v. Alum-A-Pole Corporation mndce 0:2006cv00584 2/10/2006

Paper Manufacturing Controls Service, Inc. v. Ice House America, LLC gamdce 6:2006cv00012 2/14/2006

Park City Group Inc. v. 360Commerce utdce 2:2006cv00123 2/8/2006

Pfizer Inc v. Sandoz Inc. et al dedce 1:2006cv00090 2/8/2006

Pfizer Inc v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA et al dedce 1:2006cv00089 2/8/2006

Poly-Flex, Inc. v. Versa Corporation txndce 3:2006cv00226 2/6/2006

Rauckman Utility Products LLC v. Tyco Electronic Logistics AG et al ilsdce 3:2006cv00133 2/13/2006

Richmond IP Holdings, LLC. v. K&P International Holdings, Ltd. et al vaedce 3:2006cv00121 2/16/2006

Rogers v. Peterson Manufacturing Company tnmdce 3:2006cv00101 2/9/2006

Saturn Biomedical Systems Incorporated v. Aircraft Medical Limited wawdce 2:2006cv00202 2/9/2006

Schreiber Foods Inc v. Land O'Lakes Inc wiedce 1:2006cv00170 2/8/2006

SDGI HOLDINGS, INC. et al v. EBI LP et al njdce 2:2006cv00490 2/1/2006

Secure Elements Inc. v. Citadel Security Software Inc. dedce 1:2006cv00098 2/14/2006

Simpleair Holdings Inc v. Accuweather Inc cacdce 2:2006cv00799 2/10/2006

Spangrud v. Lane Furniture Industries, Inc. nvdce 2:2006cv00175 2/13/2006

Sun Chemical Corporation v. Markem Corporation nhdce 1:2006cv00051 2/8/2006

Sun Chemical Corporation v. Markem Corporation nhdce 1:2006cv00052 2/8/2006

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Pfizer Inc. nysdce 1:2006cv01134 2/14/2006

The Garvey Corporation v. Nercon Engineering & Manufacturing, Incorporated ilndce 1:2006cv00668 2/3/2006

The Ohio Willow Wood Company v. Fillauer Companies, Inc. et al ohsdce 2:2006cv00108 2/10/2006

Thomas W Grayson et al v. Zumar Industries Inc et al cacdce 8:2006cv00130 2/6/2006

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