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Posted by Stephen M. Nipper at February 23, 2006 02:55 PM

Matt Buchanan and I (Stephen M. Nipper) listened to the USPTO presentation on Private Pair earlier. Here are our notes.

The four main new features touted:

1. web based digital certificate security—you don’t need USPTO Direct anymore. Log in using your browser (Internet Explorer…they pointed out that FireFox may or may not work (worked just fine for both of us)). All you (and your secretary) need is your digital certificate (your old .EFS file) and your EFS password. USPTO Direct will still work but will be eventually phased out.

2. first action prediction—new tab in Private Pair gives you a prediction as to when you can expect a first office action. They’ll even generate a letter for you which you can print for your file (and your client).

3. new look and feel - a uniform, tabbed browser interface is easy to navigate and fairly intuitive

4. supplemental content—biosequence listings, text tables, computer program listings, etc.

Later today, the presentation (audio and slides) will be available here:

It is working right now! We’ve both tested it. Here is the login: . It says “private beta” (we bet that is removed later today) but you can still log in. Then select “Enter Private Pair.” The next page is where you enter your digital certificate and password.

Kudos to the PTO team that is responsible for this effort -- the new system is a major step forward. Also, the presenation was well-organized and nicely handled. Great job!

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