Announcement Regarding New Trademark Official Gazette Search Line In TESS, The Trademark Electronic Search System

Posted by J Matthew Buchanan at August 28, 2005 12:15 AM

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is pleased to announce that the on-line Trademark Electronic Search System, TESS, now features a new Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) “search line.” By entering the publication date of a particular TMOG into the new search line, users can generate a list of all marks published for opposition  in that TMOG, or a list of all new registrations  published in that TMOG.

Additionally, users can refine those lists so that they include only marks published in a particular TMOG that have particular characteristics. For example, users could generate a list of all the marks published for opposition in the TMOG of August 2, 2005 that identify goods classified in international class 9. To do so, users would enter the following into TESS:

   1. In the “OG Date” line, enter 20050802;
   2. In the corresponding field line, select “publish for opposition date” from the pull-down menu;
   3. In the operator field, select “and” from the pull-down menu;
   4. In the “search term” line, enter 009; and
   5. In the corresponding field, select “international class” from the pull-down menu.

Please note that although the TMOG search line is specifically designed for searching particular issues of the TMOG, other search lines in TESS can be used to conduct more complex searches of individual TMOGs.

Please also note that whereas the TMOG is published each Tuesday, the TESS records for particular marks generally do not include the TMOG publication date for the mark until the following Wednesday. Hence, a search of a particular TMOG issue that is conducted on the day that issue is published may not yield any results.

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